Sunday, July 31, 2011

A week in the life - Sunday

My week is done! So many pictures to go through and chose from. I am doing Project life, a picture a day, for the third year so I'm pretty used to bringing my camera everywhere and taking pictures at everyday things so this wasn't a revolutionary thing for me. I would have taken pictures every day no matter what and since we're on vacation probably almost as many each day too but I'm still happy I did A week in the life. It's been a nice way to document our stay with my father in law in a more detailed way. I think I'll try this another time, maybe this winter and then when we're home, working and really living our everyday life. That would be interesting.
Looking forward to put it all together but as we won't be home for another ten days I probably won't be finishing it up next week. Looking forward to see what you all will do with your pictures and journaling though.

Here's my Sunday pictures, finally a sunny day, spent on the beach.

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  1. Nice pictures. Love the beach! Thanks for visiting my blog!