Monday, July 25, 2011

First day of Week in the life

Very excited about the first day on the Week in the life project! This is not an ordinary week for my family as we will be travelling as well as having guests but I decided to play along anyway. Our summers tend to be a bit crazy so I might as well document it.
I will print the pdf:s Ali Edwards shared on her blog tonight when we get home so today I'm making notes in a regular notebook. Don't know if I'll include these actual notes or if I'll transfer them to the Monday pdf, we'll see. We will be staying wih my father in law for about two weeks now so it will be another few weeks before I will be able to put the album together. Plus I wasn't planning on doing this project so I haven't decided what papers, embellishments or even album I will use. But I'll figure it out once I've got my pictures and stories down.

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